11 O'Clock Comics Podcast
VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.

Chris Samnee joins us to reveal the mysteries of Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters from Oni Press, Fire Power with Robert Kirkman from Image, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

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Book of the Month: The Defenders Omnibus Volume 1

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Red Room #1, Made in Korea #1, Magic the Gathering #2, The Hellfire Gala and Heroes Reborn, Karmen, Birthright, Mawrth Vallis, DC Pride, plus a whole mess more!

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Karl Slominski drops in to unlock the secrets of Evermore Falls, Teeter Topple, and the upcoming Cult of Ikarus, plus Ant #12, The Good Asian #2, The Labyrinth: An Existential Odyssey with Jean-Paul Sartre, and a whole mess more!

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Talking Art: The Search for Better Ways to Express the Inexpressible, plus Lovesickness, La Mano del Destino, Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton, plus a whole mess more!

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Image-O-Rama: Reckless: Friend of the Devil by Ed Brubaker and Sean and Jacob Phillips and Nocterra by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, and Tomeu Morey, TMNT: The Last Ronin #3 from IDW, Savage Dragon #259/North Force #0, Turtlenecks from AdHouse, Savage Avengers #21, The Worst Dudes #1 from Dark Horse, In Pictopia from Fantagraphics, Aster of Pan from Magnetic, plus a whole mess more!

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