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VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.

Book of the Month: Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume 1 by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Dan Day, Rick Veitch, Tom Yeates, Tatjana Wood, and company. Plus, we've time dangling to discuss Spawn #295-297, Batman Beyond #32-33, and The Terrifics!

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Sonata #1 from Image, Supple Dumps by Daniel White, Superman: Year One #1, Skreemer, I Love This Part by Tillie Walden from Avery Hill Publishing, Warlord of Mars Attacks #1, Event Leviathan #1 and Superman #12, Prodigy, Batman and Harley Quinn, Flash #72, Orphan Age from Aftershock, Excellence #2, Cartoonist Kayfabe, G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte from IDW, Young Frances from AdHouse, plus a whole mess more!

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Heroes Con, Blues for Lady Day and Basquiat: A Graphic Novel by Paolo Parisi from Laurence King Publishing, Gates of Plasma from Carlos Gonzalez from Floating World Comics, Marvel Comics #1000, Absolute Carnage, Silver Surfer: Black by Donny Cates and Tradd Moore, Curtain Call by Wilfrid Lupano and Rodolphe Guenoden from LionForge, Grand Abyss Hotel by Marcos Prior and David Rubin from Archaia/BOOM!, My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips from Image, Fearless Dawn: Shorts #1 by Steve Mannion, Junji Ito's Shiver from Viz, A Walk Through Hell, plus a whole mess more!

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In this Patreon-sponsored themed episode, we delve into newspaper comics, our discussion culminating in our choices for top five favorite strips! Plus, we have some time dangling to get into Dark Garbage from Floating World Comics, Thumbs #1 from Image, The Joker, Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale, plus a whole mess more!

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Doomsday Clock #10, Immortal Hulk, Clue: Candlestick #1 from Dash Shaw and IDW, All Time Comics' Zerosis Deathscape #0 from Josh Bayer and company out of Floating World, Star Trek: Year Five from IDW, Brightborn, Young Justice #6, Jungle Comics #1 from Antarctic Press, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1, Waves from BOOM!/Archaia, plus a whole mess more!

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