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VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.
11 O'Clock Comics Episode 128

The countdown to NYCC begins as we enter into another one of our rare extended discussions focusing on one subject (give or take), in this case Bendis' recent comments on the state of comics journalism. Plus, we've enough time to tackle The Comics Journal, critical response to Blacksad, Ultimate X #3, Brightest Day, Jeffrey Brown (Sulk #1-3 and I Am Going to Be Small), Jim Rugg, Mike Mignola and The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Oddities from Dark Horse, Daken: Dark Wolverine (Oxymoron?), Namor: the First Mutant, Guarding the Globe from Image, Freedom Fighters, Taskmaster and Fred Van Lente, 7 Billion Needles by Nobuaki Tadano and Vertical, DC's placement of Bob Harras, Mark Waid, and a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 127

In a rare episode with an honest-to-goodness direction, we wonder aloud which works we would present to that rare beast, the first-time comic book reader (incorporating Wolverine: Enemy of the State and Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, Frank Miller's Ronin and Sin City, Secret Wars, New Frontier, Marvels, Cuba: My Revolution, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mark Millar and Ultimates, The Authority, 28 Days Later, Buffy Season 8, John Byrne's Star Trek, Hack/Slash, Joker, The Mask, Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic Book, Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Asterios Polyp, Three Story, Jeffrey Brown, Locke and Key, The Stand and The Dark Tower, Parker, American Splendor, 30 Days of Night, Ashley Wood and Metal Gear Solid, and more)! Plus, we have enough time left over to talk up The Best American Comics of the Year, Not Brand Echh #3 and Jack Kirby, Marie Severin, recent news concerning Wildstorm and Zuda, Parker and Hardman's Hulk #25, NYCC, Wild Pig, The Stuff of Legend, Alpha Flight, Hulk #181, Desert Island's Smoke Signal #6, and even more! Weep not for the goat, for he has served the dark master well...

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Jason returns to the fold as we launch erudite excursions into Incredible Hulks #613, Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story and Cuba: My Revolution from Vertigo, Fear Agent #29, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs and The Dead, Magnus, Robot Fighter from Dark Horse, Paul Gulacy, artists that fall out of favor, Image and Valiant's Deathmate crossover, Rob Liefeld, pruning the pull list and playing the mainstream game, Kurt Busiek and company's Avengers volume three, DC's new/old war titles, and a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 125

Technical difficulties prevent a West-coast Wooooode from joining us in discussion on The Mighty, our attachment to paper, Cameron Stewart, Frank Miller, Dark Horse Presents #100, Tom Grummett, Trencher, Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash, Vampirella, the EC Archives, Warren Publications, Gil Kane, John Buscema, Pat Broderick, Paul Pope, James Jean, Brave and the Bold, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Astonishing X-Men, David Finch and Brightest Day, Brand New Day, Humberto Ramos, the damage caused by Civil War, House of M, Peter David's X-Factor, JMS' Thor, editorial decisions, Shadowland, Daredevil, Coreyyy S. Lewis' Seedless, and a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 124

A simple start -- discussing Ike Turner, Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season One, Part One DVD and Bruce Timm's take on the character, THB: Comics from Mars #2 from Paul Pope and AdHouse Books, our preliminary, off-the-cuff picks for the forthcoming 2010 11 O'Closcars (Earth One, Afrodisiac from AdHouse, Batman: Odyssey, The Sixth Gun from Oni Press, Action Comics, Walking Dead, American Vampire, Daytripper, Asylum Press' Fearless Dawn from Steve Mannion, Top Cow's Artifacts and Ron Marz, Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak, First Wave, Solar: Man of the Atom, G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds, The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects, Wood and Templesmith's Spawn: Hellspawn, Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo, and more...), Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 by Shooter and Reinhold, Image's Nancy in Hell #1 by Juan Jose Ryp and El Torres, The Abominable Charles Christopher, White Wolf's Mage: The Awakening and Michael William Kaluta, Vertigo Crime: Fogtown, Matt Kindt's Revolver, The Alcoholic, Shadowland: Power Man, and Daredevil -- all, like Nancy, goes to hell in a handbasket once the subject of Spider-Man and Batman's rogues galleries is broached. Complete and utter chaos...

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