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VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.

Book of the Month: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume One by Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, and Benedict Dimagmaliw!

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Mike Del Vecchio joins us on an all-manga episode, highlighting Chainsaw Man by Tatsuji Fujimoto from Viz, Go! Go! Loser Ranger! by Negi Haruba from Kodansha, One Piece and Eiichiro Oda, Junji Ito, The Gay Who Turned Kaiju by Kazuki Minamoto from Yen Press, The Way of the Househusband by Kousuke Oono from Viz, Shuna's Journey by Hayao Miyazaki from :01 First Second, plus a whole mess more!

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Bloodshot Unleashed by Deniz Camp, Jon David-Hunt, and Jordie Bellaire from Valiant, Briar by Christopher Cantwell, Germán García, and Matheus Lopes from BOOM!, Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Cody Ziglar, Federico Vicentini, and Bryan Valenza, Friday by Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin from Panel Syndicate, Invincible Iron Man #1, Kamen Rider Kuuga Volume One from Titan Books, Image-O-Rama: Night Club #1 by Mark Millar and Juanan Ramírez, Kroma #1 by Lorenzo De Felici, and Gospel by Will Morris, Leonide the Vampire by Mike Mignola, Rachele Aragno, and Dave Stewart from Dark Horse, plus a whole mess more!

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Below Ambition by Simon Hanselmann from Fantagraphics, Cat-Man and Kitten #1 by Jeff Parker, Joseph Cooper, and Arancia Studio from Dynamite, Manga-O-Rama: Junji Ito's Black Paradox from Viz and Boat Life by Tsuge Tadao from Floating World, Super Trash Clash from by Edgar Camacho Top Shelf, Do a Powerbomb! by Daniel Warren Johnson, It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth by Zoe Thorogood, Hand-Drawn Thought Photography by Noah Pierce from Decoder Ring, Classified: The Black Box, Kepler’s Intergalactic Guide to Spaceships by Jake Parker, plus a whole mess more!

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Matthew Allison warps in to add to this month's Book of the Month: Pussey! by Dan Clowes from Fantagraphics!

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Ronin Book II (no spoilers) by Frank Miller, Philip Tan, Daniel Henriques, and John Workman from Frank Miller Presents, Kamen Rider Zero-One #1 from Titan Comics, Lord of the Jungle #1 by Dan Jurgens, Benito Gallego, and Francesco Segala from Dynamite!, Humanoids-O-Rama: Psychoverse by Mark Russell, Yanick Paquette, and Dave McCaig and First Degree: A Crime Anthology by David F. Walker, Michael Lark, and company, Strange, PTSD Radio by Masaaki Nakayama from Kodansha, The Thing, plus a whole mess more!

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Tony Fleecs returns to the fold to join in on Kim Jung Gi, Image-O-Rama: Kane Volume 3: Histories by Paul Grist, Deadly Class, It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth by Zoe Thorogood, Old Dog by Declan Shalvey and Clayton Cowles, Above Snakes, plus Love & Rockets, New Mutants #31, Prophet, Terry Kavanagh, WildC.A.T.S, Comics Revue #437/438 and The Phantom by Lee Faulk and Sy Barry, The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special, plus a whole mess more!

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Kevin O'Neill, Carlos Pacheco, Grateful Dead Origins by Chris Miskiewicz, Noah Van Sciver, Aladdin Collar, and Tyler Boss from Z2 Comics/Rhino, Matt Wagner's Grendel Omnibus Volume 1, Manga-O-Rama: Night of the Living Cat by Hawkman and Mecha-Roots from Seven Seas and She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat by Sakaomi Yuzaki from Yen Press, Wolverine 26-27 by Benjamin Percy, Juan José Ryp, and Frank D'Armata, Skottie Young-O-Rama, Star Trek #1 by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, Ramon Rosanas, and Lee Loughridge from IDW, Image-O-Rama: Dark Ride by Joshua Williamson, Andre Bressan, and Adriano Lucas and I Hate This Place by Kyle Starks, Artyom Topilin, and Lee Loughridge, The Night Eaters: She Eats the Night by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda from Abrams, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: Stray Bullets Volume One: Innocence of Nihilism by David Lapham from El Capitán/Image Comics!

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Top 5-O-Rama: Our Top Five Four-Issue Limited Series, Top Five Trios, Top Five Image Series, plus a whole mess more!

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Heavy Hitters-O-Rama: Law Dog by Chuck Dixon, Henry Flint Henry, Marc Hansen, and company, Midnight Men by Howard Chaykin, and Sachs and Violens by Peter David and George Peréz, plus A.X.E. Judgment Day, Cosmic Detective by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and David Rubin, plus a whole mess more!

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Single Shuffle: DNAgents #10 my Mark Evanier, Will and Jo Meuginot, and Al Gordon from Eclipse Comics, plus Drip Drip by Paru Itagaki from Viz, The Silent Invasion by Larry Hancock and Michael Cherkas from NBM, Slash them All by Antoine Maillard from Fantagraphics, plus a whole mess more!

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Thrud the Barbarian by Carl Critchlow from Titan Comics, the Death, Destruction, Vice, and Sleaze series by Jake Kelly, Dynamite Diva: One Eyed Wild Ride by Jasper Jubenvill from Strangers Fanzine, Simon Hanselmann, Crime & Punishment: Marshal Law Takes Manhattan by Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, and company from Epic, Tekno Comix, Manga-O-Rama: Look Back by Tatsuki Fujimoto from Viz and Dandadan Volume 1 by Yukinobu Tatsu from Shonen Jump, Always Never by Jordi Lafebre from Dark Horse, Back Issue #137 from TwoMorrows, Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands by Kate Beaton from Drawn & Quarterly, plus a whole mess more!

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New York Comic Con '22, Ryan Browne, Peach Momoko, Single Shuffle: Batman Vs. Robin #2 by Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, and company, Scary Monsters #128, Superman: Son of Kal-El and Action Comics, Ultrasound by Conor Stechschulte from Fantagraphics, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: John Constantine, Hellblazer: Original Sins by Jamie Delano, John Ridgway, Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala, and company!

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Vanish #1 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and company from Image, DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock Vs. the Army of the Dead by Bruce Campbell and Eduardo Risso, Madballs Vs. Garbage Pail Kids from Dynamite!, Tim Drake: Robin #1, Santos Sisters #2, Thunderbolts, patron questions, plus a whole mess more!

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Chained Soldier Volume 1 by Takahiro and Yohei Takemura from Yen Press, The Filth by Grant Morrison and Chris Weston, Star Trek: Below Decks from IDW, Ginka and Glüna by Shinpei Watanabe from Shonen Jump, Crazy Food Truck by Rokurou Ogaki from Viz, Acting Class by Nick Drnaso from Drawn & Quarterly, plus a whole mess more!

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Fantastic Four: Full Circle by Alex Ross and Josh Johnson from Marvel/Abrams Comicarts, How to Make a Monster by Casanova Frankenstein and Glenn Pierce from Fantagraphics, Come Over Come Over by Lynda Barry from Drawn & Quarterly, Batman Vs. Robin, Kali by Daniel Freedman and Robert Sammelin from Dark Horse, The Changeling Volume 1 by Tina N. Lugo from Silver Sprocket, The Least We Can Do by Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli from Image, Robin and Batman, plus a whole mess more!

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Image-O-Rama: Gunslinger Spawn and The Complete Cyberforce Volume One, Ghost Rider, Boris the Potato Child by Anne Simon from Fantagraphics, Stages of Rot and A Frog in the Fall (and Later On) by Linnea Sterte from Peow Studio, more Curse of the Chosen by Alexis Deacon from Nobrow and Flying Eye Books, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: Frank Miller's Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye.

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Fantagraphics-O-Rama: The End by Anders Nilsen, Metax by Antoine Cossé, and Halcyon by Ron Regé Jr., Sandman on NetFlix, Spectreman Heroes #2: Lionmaru by Hiroshi Kanatani and Matt Frank from Antarctic Press, Titan-O-Rama: Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1 by Cullen Bunn, Piotr Kowalski, and Brad Simpson and Ms. Tree Volume Three: The Cold Dish by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty, Curse of the Chosen Volume 1 by Alexis Deacon from Flying Eye Books/Nobrow Press, Echolands by J. H. Williams III and W. Hayden Blackman, and Dave Stewart from Image, Batman: One Bad Day: The Riddler #1, Ant-Man #1, plus a whole mess more!

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Blacksad: They All Fall Down Part One by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido from Dark Horse, Patience & Esther: An Edwardian Romance by S. W. Searle from Iron Circus Comics, Dai Dark by Q Hayashida from Seven Seas, Batman: Killing Time, Junji Ito's The Liminal Zone from Viz Signature, more Miles Morales, Warlock 5 Omnibus from Outland Entertainment, Dinamite Diva: One Eyed Wild Ride from Strangers Fanzine, Black Panther, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, plus a whole mess more!

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Eisner-nominated Tony Fleecs hangs with us to talk about Enzo Garza's Gutt Ghost, The Book Tour by Andi Watson, X-Men Legends #1 by Roy Thomas and Dave Wachter, Jordan Crane's Keeping Two from Fantagraphics, Parker Girls #1 by Terry Moore, a whole lot of Miles Morales, Dynamite's James Bond: 007 #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Marco Finnegan, A.X.E.: Judgment Day, Ghost Cage, and more!

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Brother Brian Newberry joins us on our quest to discuss ORCS! by Christine Larsen from Kaboom, recalling the glory days of Justice League/Europe, Devil Ecstasy V1 by Shuzo Oshimi from Kodansha, Action Comics, A.X.E.: Judgment Day, Shadow War, Eerie Publications - The Complete Covers: The Whole Bloody Mess from FantaCo, The Bear, DUI: Drawn Under the Influence Volume 2, Once and Future from BOOM!, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden from :01 First Second.

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Colorless Volume One by Kent from Seven Seas, Cankor by Matthew Allison, Dog Biscuits by Alex Graham from Fantagraphics, Onion Skin by Edgar Camacho from Top Shelf, Image-O-Rama: The Closet #1 by James Tynion IV and Gavin Fullerton and Skybound X #25 by Kirkman, Ottley, Williamson, Bressan, Lucas, De Felici and company, Nightwing, She-Hulk, Loeb and Sale's Batman: Dark Victory and Long Halloween, Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection Volume 1 from The Library of American Comics and Clover Press, Shadow War, Love Everlasting by Tom King and Elsa Charretier, plus a whole mess more!

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Above Snakes by Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman from Image, The Men Who Created Gundam by Hideki Ohwada, Hajime Yatate, and Yoshiyuki Tomino from Denpa, more World's Finest, the X-Universe post-Hickman, Dark Knights of Steel #7, The Cimmerian Volume 1 from Ablaze, Frankenrocker and the Jailbait Punks #2 from Bad Kids Press, Deathstroke Inc., The Lonesome Hunters #1 by Tyler Crook from Dark Horse, plus a whole mess more!

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Clementine Book One by Tillie Walden and Cliff Rathburn from Skybound Comet, Disciples by David Birke, Nicholas McCarthy, and Ben Marra from Fantagraphics, Captain Action: The Classic Collection by Jim Shooter, Gil Kane, and Wally Wood from Penguin Random House, Frog Boy: Punk Rock & Roller Derby by John Burgin, World War Three: Battle Over Hokkaido #2 by Motofumi Kobayashi from Antarctic, Dark Knights of Steel, Adrastée by Mathieu Bablet from Magnetic, plus a whole mess more!

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Tony Fleecs and Caleb Alexander-McKinzie join us to recount the wonder that was Heroes Con 2022 (including  Jason's Bitter Root panel with David Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene), plus we make time on the tail end to discuss Dan Slott's Fantastic Four, Star Trek: Discovery: Adventures in the 32nd Century, Who Was the Greatest?: Muhammad Ali: A Who HQ Graphic Novel from Penguin Workshop, Tony Osmond is a Movie Star by Tony Esmond, Cliff Cumber, and Ken Reynolds from Tribute Press, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: Richard Stark's Parker: Slayground by Darwyn Cooke, plus Final Faction: First Impact, Fantagraphics-O-Rama: Golden Boy: Beethoven's Youth by Mikael Ross and Disney Masters Volume 15: The New Adventures of the Phantom Blot by Paul Murray, Witches: The Complete Collection by Daisuke Igarashi from Seven Seas, The Junction by Norm Konyu from Titan Comics, Puppy Knight: Den of Deception by Michael Sweater and Josue Cruz from Silver Sprocket, Tim Sale and The Long Halloween, Better Place by from Duane Murray and Shawn Daley from Top Shelf/IDW, Heroes Con, plus a whole mess more!

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Revita, Ex.Mag 4 from Peow Studio, Twig #2 from Image, Urban Animal Volume 1 by Justin Jordan and John Amor from Rocketship Entertainment, Succubus & Hitman Volume 2 from Seven Seas, Jason Pearson and Body Bags, Rick Grimes 2000, Neonomicon, Heroes 2022, Heaven's Door Extra Works by Keiichi Koike from Last Gasp, World's Finest, Eternals, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, X-Universe, plus a whole mess more!

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Skottie Young, Felix Lu, Matthew Allison, Tom King, and Tony Fleecs stop by to join us for our 800th uninterrupted attempt at weekly comic book podcasting! Maybe this time we'll get it right!
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Book of the Month: Wolverine Epic Collection Volume 1: Madripoor Nights by Christopher Claremont, Peter David, John Buscema, Gene Colan, Klaus Janson, Al Williamson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Glynis Oliver, Gregory Wright, Mike Rockwitz, and Mark Chiarello, plus a whole mess more!

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Project MK-Ultra: Sex, Drugs, and the CIA Volume 1 from Clover Press, IDW, Buz Sawyer Volume 2: Sultry's Tiger by Roy Crane from Fantagraphics, Ibrahim Moustafa's Retroactive from Humanoids, Tony Fleecs and Heroes, We Have Demons by Snyder and Capullo, Viz-O-Rama: Crazy Food Truck Volume 1 by Rokurou Ogaki and Death Note Short Stories by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, Duo #1, Yellow Cab by Chabouté, plus a whole mess more!

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Eisner Nominees Live: Zack Kruse (Mysterious Travelers: Steve Ditko and the Search for a New Liberal Identity), Daniel Warren Johnson (Beta Ray Bill: Argent Star), and Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs) join us in the EOC treehouse, plus Single Shuffle: I Hate This Place #1 by Kyle Starks, Artyrom Topilin, and Lee Loughridge, 7174 Annual '22 by Ashley Wood and T. P. Louise (Image). and Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1 by Geof Darrow and Dave Stewart (Dark Horse), Fables #151, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Hit Me, plus a whole mess more!

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George Pérez, Reckless: Image-O-Rama: The Ghost in You by Ed Brubabker, Sean Phillips, and Jacob Phillips, Paris by Andi Watson and Simon Gane, and Arrowsmith: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco, Ashes, Ashes from Magnetic, G.I. Joe: Saturday Morning Adventures #3 from IDW, Silver Sprocket-O-Rama: Hell Phone by Benji Nate and Good Boy Magazine #2, Star Trek: Discovery: Adventures in the 32nd Century #2, Mossvale by Travis Wells from Ageless Press, plus a whole mess more!

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Neal Adams, TMNT: The Last Ronin by Eastman, Laird, and company from IDW, Twig #1 from Scottie Young, Kyle Strahm, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu from Image, Laura and Other Stories and Guillem March, Avengers and Jason Aaron, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: ATARI Force by Gerry Conway, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Ross Andru, Riccardo Villagran, Tom Zuiko, and Keith Giffen, plus a whole mess more!

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Mario pulls into the EOC parking lot to help us through By the Horns Volume 1: The Wind Rises from Scout Comics, Chronophage from Humanoids, Fourth Wall-breaking comics, Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1, Blubber by Gilbert Hernandez from Fantagraphics, The Nib #8, Dark Horse Presents, Disney's Moon Knight, Donald Duck: Follow the Leader, Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2, plus a whole mess more!

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Sheeply Horned Witch Romi by Yoichi Abe from Seven Seas, TMNT Annual 2022 by Juni Ba and Ronda Pattison from IDW, Chivalry by Neil Gaiman and Coleen Doran from Dark Horse, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Saturday Morning Adventures #2, more King of Spies, Gary Panter's Crashpad from Fantagraphics, Frankenrocker and the Jailbait Punks #1 by Roel Torres and Lukasz Kowalczuk from Bad Kids Press, World War Three: Battle Over Hokkaido #1 from Motofumi Kobayashi from Antarctic, The Final Night, X-Men by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus, Marauders #1, The Return of the Killer, more Secret Passages and What If We Were by Axelle Lenoir, plus a whole mess more!

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Manga-O-Rama: Kamen Rider: The Classic Collection by Shotaro Ishinomori from Seven Seas and Dandadan by Yukinobu Tatso from Shonen Jump, patron questions, Secret Passages 1985-1986 by Axelle Lenoir from IDW/Top Shelf, Rogues #1 by Joshua Williamson, Leomacs, and Matheus Lopes, Hulk: Grand Design #1 by Jim Rugg, Superman: Red and Blue, X-Men-O-Rama: Immortal X-Men #1 and X-Men: Red #1, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: Enigma by Peter Milligan, Duncan Fegredo, and Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

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Scout-O-Rama: Kingjira: Hungry Like a Monster and Gods of Brutality, Magnetic-O-Rama: Carbon & Silicon by Mathieu Bablet and Pistouvi by Merwan and Bertrand Gatignol, World's Finest #1, Orochi by Kazuo Umezu from Viz, Matt Emmonds' Gardener, Black Widow, We Live by the Miranda Brothers from Aftershock, Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens from Dark Horse, King of Spies, Fantagraphics-O-Rama: Lure by Lane Milburn, NOW: The New Comics Anthology #11, and Olympia by Bastien Vives, Jérôme Mulot, and Florent Ruppert, Alley Oop - Book One: Dinny by V. T. Hamlin from Manuscript Press, A Thing Called Truth from Image,  plus a whole mess more!

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Ryan Browne on Eight Billion Genies from Image, Charles Soule, God Hates Astronauts, Curse Words, process, Kickstarter, plus a whole mess more!

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Desert Island Mystery Mail and Mirror Mirror Volume 2, Jason's OA escapades, Hit Me #1 from AWA, Death of Doctor Strange, The Seeds from Berger Books and Dark Horse, Punisher #1, Little Monsters #1, Star Trek: Discovery - Adventures in the 32nd Century from IDW, Superman: Son of Kal-El #9, plus a whole mess more!

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Nick Dragotta descends from the heavens to talk up his forthcoming Ghost Cage from Image, plus we have time left to talk up Succubus & Hitman Volume 1 from Seven Seas, The Killer: Affairs of the State from BOOM!, Falconspeare and Mike Mignola from Dark Horse, Transformers: King Grimlock from IDW, Superman: Son of Kal-El, She-Hulk #2, Strange #1, plus a whole mess more!

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Book of the Month: Fist of the North Star Volume 1 by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara from Viz Signature, plus King of Spies, The True Story of the Unknown Soldier by Jacques Tardi from Fantagraphics, Cutting Edge from Titan Comics, The Cimmerian Volume 3 from Ablaze, Jeff Lemire-O-Rama: Robin and Batman and Primordial, Peacemaker, plus a whole mess more!

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Tony Fleecs barges in once again to help us with G. I. Joe Saturday Morning Adventures from IDW, Book of Boba Fett, Transformers, Manga-O-Rama: Junji Ito's Deserter from Viz and Slum Wolf by Tadao Tsuge from New York Review Comics, Bermuda and Nick Bradshaw, Erik Larsen's Ant, Oswald's Body from BOOM!, Cowboy Bebop from Titan Comics, Rick and Morty, Terry Moore's Serial, Nightwing, Babyteeth Volume 4, Crossover, Randocomica: Hero Zero #1, Superman '78, Justice League 2022 Annual and Sanford Greene, The Human Target, plus a whole mess more!

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Milo Minara's The Golden Ass from Humanoids, Lightfall: Book One - The Girl and the Galdurian by Tim Probert from Harper Alley, 32 Stories by Adrian Tomine from Drawn & Quarterly, The Other History of the DC Universe, Solo by Oscar Martin from Titan, Disney Masters V18: Uncle Scrooge - Pie in the Sky by William Van Horn from Fantagraphics, I Am Gonzo My Dirty Italian Zines Fuck Serious Scientific Books from Viaindustriae Publishing, Bolero from Image, The Me You Love in the Dark by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona from Image, plus a whole mess more!

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Tony Fleecs helps us out with January's Book of the Month: Maus by Art Spiegelman.

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Mega #1 from Stonebot and Red 5, Balbuzar from Ablaze, So Death Will End: The Story of Forrest Bess - Outsider Artist & Gender Visionary 1911-1977 from Microcosm, Maximum Volume from Kitchen Sink and Heavy Metal, Gamayun Tales II and Stig & Tilde: The Loser Squad from Nobrow, Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal from AWA, Masters of the Universe: The Newspaper Strips from Dark Horse, Superman & Robin Special #1, Detective Comics, Human Target #4, plus a whole mess more!

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Our Top Ten list of Comic Book Novelties plus Fantasy Sports from Nobrow, Spy Island from Dark Horse, Decorum from Image, plus a whole mess more!

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A year in the making, it's the 11 O'Closcars, an assemblage of All-Winners from the year that was 2021, with our buddy, Brian Newberry, helping us lift this very heavy load! Will your favorites snag the gold? Listen and find out!

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Friday Foster: The Sunday Strips from Ablaze, Jim Rugg and the Hulk, Municipal Threat from Fluke, Mazebook from Jeff Lemire and Dark Horse, Bendis and Miles Morales, Knight Janek #1 from Behemoth, A Thing Called Truth from Image, Frontiersman, Kaiju No. 8, Money Shot, The Secret to Superhero Strength by Alison Bechdel, Giant Sized Santos Sisters #1, Ken Landgraf and Apocalypse 5,000 from Floating World and Outlaw Comics, Tardi and Fog over Tolbiac Bridge from Fantagraphics, Rorschack, plus a whole mess more!

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Manga-O-Rama: Kaiju No. 8 V1 by Naoya Matsumoto from Viz and Dai Dark V2 by Q Hayashida from Seven Seas, Juni Ba-O-Rama: Monkey Meat #1 from Image and Djeliya from TKO, Mike's Place from :01 First Second, H. P. Lovecraft and BOOM's Magic: The Gathering from Jed MacKay and company, Pound for Pound and Andy Belanger from TKO, A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #3 from Image, Arc Athena by Eric Canete, plus a whole mess more!

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