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VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.
11 O'Clock Comics Episode 313

Warren Ellis, C2E2, Will Pfeifer, Kenneth Rocafort, and Teen Titans (incorporating women and comics, exploitation, Ms. Marvel and Kelly Sue DeConnick, Zenescope, Avatar, John Byrne's Wonder Woman, and more), Superior Spider-Man #31 by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, Terry Pallot, Antonio Fabela, Wil Sliney, Edgar Delgado and Chris Eliopoulos, Sinestro #1 by Cullen Bunn, Dale Eaglesham, and Jason Wright (incorporating Geoff Johns, Ed Brubaker, Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo, Secret Origins, Zero Year, DOOM, and more), Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 by Kaare Kyle Andrews, Simon Roy's Jan's Atomic Heart and Other Stories from Image, Stray Bullets, Nemo: The Roses of Berlin by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill from Top Shelf and Knockabout, Marvel omnibi, Iron Man, What If: Age of Ultron by Joe Keatinge and company, Kevin Mellon and Suicide Sisters, Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson from Image, and a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 312

JASON AARON drops by to talk with us about Southern Bastards, his new Image book with the great Jason Latour, Wolverine and the X-Men, Scalped, Thor: God of Thunder, Ghost Rider, Excalibur, original art, New Teen Titans, Frank Quitely, Morrison Con, Alan Moore, and a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 311

House of Cards, Wrestlemania 30 and the Ultimate Warrior, Bandthology V2 from King Bone Press, more on Ostrander's Deadshot mini, All-New Ghost Rider #1 from Felipe Smith, Tradd Moore, Val "Doctor Hue" Staples, and Nelson Daniel, American Vampire: Second Cycle from Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, Caliban #1 from Garth Ennis, Facundo Percio, Sebastian Cabrol, and Hernan Cabrera from Avatar (Aliens, Prometheus, Ridley Scott, and more), Captain America 2: Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (no spoilers), Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man #29 and #30, Silver Surfer #1 by Dan Slott and Mike and Laura Allred, Secret Avengers #1 by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh, Matthew Allison's awesome CANKOR #1 with damon Gentry, Travis Gillan, Aaron Conley, and JB Roe, Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2, Will Pfeifer and Teen Titans, Keith Giffen, Aquaman and the Others #1 by Dan Jurgens and Lan Medina, Shutter #1 by Joe Keatinge, Leila del Duca, and Owen Gieni from Image, Inhuman #1 and Joe Mad!, When the Warlock Found a Friend by Jon O'Briant from Strips4, and a whole lot more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 310

Episode 310

Jason, Chris and DAP talk about Wall Street, Southern Bastards, Green Arrow, more Green Arrow, Cap & The Winter Soldier, Suicide Squad, Fear Agent, Queen & Country and so so much more.


Music by Ryan Powers, Nick Waterhouse, Horton Heat, De La Soul & the "will always hold up" Nirvana.

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