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VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.
11 O'Clock Comics Episode 67 Freewheel burning! In this down and dirty episode, we cover last weekend's San Diego Comic Con and the flurry of publisher announcements, Miracleman/Marvelman and Marvel Comics, Chuck Austin, Jim Shooter, Dark Horse and the Gold Key/Valiant characters, Jeff Smith and Bone, Stan Lee, the Eisner Awards, Invincible Iron Man, DC's Bat Lash Showcase, Hulk #600, Blondie: The Bumstead Family History and our favorite comic strips, The Nobody (no spoilers), Marvel's 70th Anniversary comics, DC's decision to split JSA into two titles, Gotham City Sirens #2, Nexus: As It Happened volume one, and much more! Vootie!
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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 66 We temporarily alleviate your boredom while standing in line at the San Diego Comic Con with talk on Wizard World Chicago, Jeff Lemire's The Nobody from Vertigo, Tom Fowler, What The?!, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1 and Chris Samnee, Dave Wachter and the Guns of Shadow Valley, Lynda Barry and the Comics Journal #296 from Fantagraphics, images, recognition, and creation, more stragglers from Episode #52, Christopher Priest, Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog's Terror on the Planet of the Apes, Blade, Captain America, Bring Out Your Dead from Raw Dog Comics, Simon Furman and the Transformers: Primal Scream and Matrix Quest, the G.I. Joe movie, and much, much more!
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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 65 Knock, knock! Who's there? It's 11 O'Clock Comics, silly, chewing the fat on Wednesday Comics #2, the DCBS nick and dent sale, Blackest Night and DC's Black Lantern ring promo, Captain America #601 and Gene Colan, Gotham City Sirens, Essential Punisher volume three, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp, Terry Moore's Echo, the collected Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer from Image, listener email, Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years volume two, Continuity Comics and Neal Adams, and a buttload more!
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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 64 It's finally here! Wednesday Comics blew up all over the damn place this week, and we were more than happy to throw down the plastic sheeting and gush until we couldn't gush no more! We also managed to find some time to talk about Dave Bullock, Mike Allred and Neil Gaiman, Joe Kubert, Azzarello and Risso, DC Comics Classic Library: Roots of the Swamp Thing and Saga of the Swamp Thing volume one, the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36, Carmine Infantino, Jeff Lemire's The Nobody from Vertigo, Batman: Year One (Guess who finally read it...) and the Bat-Universe, Harvey Comics, Messiah War and Clayton Crain, Red Robin #1, and much more!
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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 63 A torrent of technical glitches washes over us as we talk about Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers Spotlight: Metroplex from IDW, Chris reads the Parasyte manga, a hint of X, the Harvey Awards, Jack Kirby's Demon, World of New Krypton #4 and the Superman Family, Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon #150 from Image, Detroit Metal City, more on digital comics, listener email, a few stragglers from episode #52, Hotline hilarity, and much more!
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