11 O'Clock Comics Podcast
VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.

Mega #1 from Stonebot and Red 5, Balbuzar from Ablaze, So Death Will End: The Story of Forrest Bess - Outsider Artist & Gender Visionary 1911-1977 from Microcosm, Maximum Volume from Kitchen Sink and Heavy Metal, Gamayun Tales II and Stig & Tilde: The Loser Squad from Nobrow, Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal from AWA, Masters of the Universe: The Newspaper Strips from Dark Horse, Superman & Robin Special #1, Detective Comics, Human Target #4, plus a whole mess more!

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Our Top Ten list of Comic Book Novelties plus Fantasy Sports from Nobrow, Spy Island from Dark Horse, Decorum from Image, plus a whole mess more!

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A year in the making, it's the 11 O'Closcars, an assemblage of All-Winners from the year that was 2021, with our buddy, Brian Newberry, helping us lift this very heavy load! Will your favorites snag the gold? Listen and find out!

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Friday Foster: The Sunday Strips from Ablaze, Jim Rugg and the Hulk, Municipal Threat from Fluke, Mazebook from Jeff Lemire and Dark Horse, Bendis and Miles Morales, Knight Janek #1 from Behemoth, A Thing Called Truth from Image, Frontiersman, Kaiju No. 8, Money Shot, The Secret to Superhero Strength by Alison Bechdel, Giant Sized Santos Sisters #1, Ken Landgraf and Apocalypse 5,000 from Floating World and Outlaw Comics, Tardi and Fog over Tolbiac Bridge from Fantagraphics, Rorschack, plus a whole mess more!

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Manga-O-Rama: Kaiju No. 8 V1 by Naoya Matsumoto from Viz and Dai Dark V2 by Q Hayashida from Seven Seas, Juni Ba-O-Rama: Monkey Meat #1 from Image and Djeliya from TKO, Mike's Place from :01 First Second, H. P. Lovecraft and BOOM's Magic: The Gathering from Jed MacKay and company, Pound for Pound and Andy Belanger from TKO, A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #3 from Image, Arc Athena by Eric Canete, plus a whole mess more!

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