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VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.
11 O'Clock Comics Episode 453

IDW Hasbroverse-O-Rama: Revolution Prelude by John Barber, Fico Ossio, and Sebastian Cheng, ROM #5 and 6 by Christos Gage, Chris Ryall, Paolo Villanelli, and Alessandra Alexakis, G.I. Joe #1 by Aubrey Stitterson, Giannis Milonogiannis, and Ariel Olivetti, and M.A.S.K. #1 by Brandon Easton, Tony Vargas, and Jordi Escuin, Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest and Kelly Sue DeConnick from Humanoids, Batman #13 by Tom King, Mikel Janin, and June Chung, The Ultimates: Omniversal Volume 2: Civil War by Al Ewing, Christian Ward, and Kenneth Rocafort, IDW Star Trek-O-Rama: Romulans: Schism and Romulans: Hollow Crown by John Byrne and Boldly Go #3 by Mike Johnston and Tony Shasteen, Star Trek: Beyond, The Losers, Snowpiercer: The Explorers, :The Escape, and :Terminus by Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette, Benjamin Legrand, and Olivier Bocquet from Titan Comics, Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7 by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, Brad Anderson, and Alex Sinclair, Adventures of a Japanese Businessman by Jose Domingo from Nobrow, Power Man and Iron Fist Sweet Christmas Annual #1 by David F. Walker, Scott Hepburn, and Matt Milla, The Punisher #7 by Becky Cloonan, Steve Dillon, Matt Horak, and Frank Martin, Sheriff of Babylon by Tom King and Mitch Gerads from Vertigo, Archive Meets Ramones by Alex Segura, Matthew Rosenberg, and Gisele Lagace from Archie, Deadly Class by Rick Remender and Wes Craig from Image, plus a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 452

The Vision by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jordie Bellaire, Mike Del Mundo, and Michael Walsh, Bloodshot and Bloodshot U.S.A. from Valiant, Action Comics by Dan Jurgens, Tyler Kirkham, Ulises Arreola, Patrick Zircher, and Arif Prianto, Image-O-Rama: Moonshine #3 by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, Reborn #3 by Mark Millar, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and Fco Plascencia, Seven to Eternity #4 by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, and Matt Hollingsworth, Midnight of the Soul by Howard Chaykin, Jesus Aburtov, and Ken Bruzenak, and Cannibal #3 by J. Young, Brian Buccellato, and Matias Bergara, Unworthy Thor #2 by Jason Aaron, Olivier Coipel, and Matthew Wilson, Rogue One, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, A Lonely Place of Dying, Detective Comics by Steve Orlando, James Tynion IV, Andy Maconald, and John Rauch, Cage! by Genndy Tartakovsky, Young Justice, plus a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 451

Teri S. Wood and Wandering Star, Red Sonja #0 by Amy Chu, Carlos Gomez, and Mohan from Dynamite!, Harley's Little Black Book by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Joseph Michael Linsner, Hi-Fi, Billy Tucci, Flaviano, and Paul Mounts, Moon Knight #9 by Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, Wilfredo Torres, Francesco Francavilla, James Stokoe, Jordie Bellaire, and Michael Garland, Taskmaster, Avengers #2 by Mark Waid, Mike Del Mundo, and Marco D' Alfonso, Rogue One, Tales of Sword and Sorcery: Dagar the Invincible Archives Volume 1 by Don Glut, Jesse Santos, and George Wilson from Dark Horse, Walking Dead, Moonshine #3 by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso from Image, Valiant-O-Rama: Harbinger Renegade #1 by Rafer Roberts, Darick Robertson, Juan Jose Ryp, and Raul Allen, Bloodshot U.S.A. by Jeff Lemire, Doug Braithwaite, and Brian Reber, and Savage #1 by B. Clay Moore, Lewis Larosa, Clayton Henry, and Brian Reber, Howard Chaykin and Midnight of the Soul from Image, Action Comics by Dan Jurgens,  Tyler Kirkham, Ulises Arreola, Patrick Zircher, and Arif Prianto, The Champions by Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, and Edgar Delgado, Savage Dragon #13A and #13B, Nova #1 by Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez, and Ian Herring, plus a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 450

J. Gonzo, winner of the 2016 EOC Album Art contest and creator of the mighty La Mano del Destino for his own Castle and Key Publications, joins us as we talk about Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy by Dan Slott and Jim Cheung, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #734: The Persistence of Mickey by Roberto Gagnor, Giorgio Cavazzano, Sandro Zemolin, and Kawaiistudio from Disney/IDW, A.D. After Death by Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire from Image, Jason finally reads four years of Bloodshot by Jeff Lemire, Mico Suayan, Lewis Larosa, and company from Valiant, the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 trailer, Sergio Aragonez, Robert Rodriguez, Hercules: Prince of Power by Bob Layton and Christie Scheele, Batman #12 by Tom King, Mikel Janin, Hugo Petrus, and June Chung, Mickey's Craziest Adventures by Lewis Trondheim, Nicolas Keramidas, and Brigette Findakly from Disney/IDW, DC Bombshells by Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage, Emanuela Lupacchino, and company, Batman/TMNT Adventures by Matthew K. Manning and Jon Sommariva from DC/IDW, Robotech, plus a whole mess more!

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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 449

DC's New Talent Showcase featuring work by Adam Smith, Sia Oum, Michael Moreci, Barnaby Bagenda, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Erica Schultz, Sonny Liew, Christopher Sebela, David Messina, Moreno Dinisio, Michael McMillian, Juan Ferreyra, and more, Seven to Eternity #3 by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, and Matt Hollingsworth from Image, Avengers #1 by Mark Waid, Mike Del Mundo, and Marco D'alfonso, The Unworthy Thor #1 by Jason Aaron, Oliver Coipel, and Matthew Wilson, Ghost Rider #1 by Felipe Smith, Danilo S. Beyruth, and Val Staples, Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes by Tim Seeley, David Walker, Fernando Dagnino, and Sandra Molina from Dark Horse/BOOM!, Jurassic World, Southern Bastards, Kill or Be Killed by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser from Image, Infamous Iron Man #2 by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, and Matt Hollingsworth, The Strain, John Wick, Cannibal by J. Young, Brain Buccellato, and Matias Bergara from Image, more Moonshine, Superman Annual #1 by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Jorge Jimenez, and Alejandro Sanchez, Batman Annual #1 by Tom King, David Finch, Gabe Eltaeb, Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire, Paul Dini, Neal Adams, Steve Orlando, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, Scott Bryan Wilson, Biliquis Evely, and Mat Lopes, The Beauty by Jeremy Haun, Jason Hurley, and company, Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 by Cullen Bunn, Ken Lashley, Nolan Woodward, and Anthony Piper, plus a whole mess more!

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