11 O'Clock Comics Podcast
VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.

Image-O-Rama: Elsewhere #1-2 by Jay Faerber, Sumeyye Kesgin, and Ron Riley, Deadly Class by Rick Remender, Wes Craig, and Jordan Boyd, Savage Dragon #225 and #226 by Erik Larsen, Nikos Koutsis, and Mike Toris, Kingsman: The Secret Service by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, and Matthew Vaughn and Kingsman: The Red Diamond #1 by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser, Time and Vine #1 by Tom Zahler and Luigi Anderson from IDW, Craig Yoe and The Comics Journal, Dark Horse-o-Rama: The Black Sinister by Troy Nixey, Kaare Andrews, and Dave McCaig and The Dark Horse Book of Horror by Mike Mignola, Jill Thompson, Paul Chadwick, Sean Phillips, and many, many more, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #0 by Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo, Moritat, and Andre Syzmanowicz from Dynamite!, Marvel/NetFlix's Defenders, American Horror Story: Cult, The Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special by Reginald Hudlin, Denys Cowan, Ryan Benjamin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Richard Friend, and Jeromy Cox, plus a whole mess more!

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