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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 370

Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko join us to discuss Invisible Republic from Image, The Crooked Man from Image/Shadowline, Aliens/Vampirella from Dark Horse/Dynamite!, Fresh Romance, Planet of the Apes, High Crimes, Deep Blue Goodbye, Twin Peaks and David Lynch, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Doom Patrol, Dark Horse Presents and other anthologies, The Shadow, Sheltered by Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas from Dark Horse, Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees, Tadao Tsuge's Trash Market from Drawn & Quarterly, Convergence: The Question by Greg Rucka and Cully Hamner, Dark Reign: Zodiac by Joe Casey and Nathan Fox, Alan Moore's Providence and Neonomicon, J. Gonzo's La Mano del Destino from Castle and Key Publications, Heavy Metal, and a whole mess more!

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