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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 251

Comics creator extraordinaire, Art Thibert, joins us this week to discuss Chrono Mechanics and Kickstarter, Deathstroke, Joe Bennett, Savage Hawkman, Cable, Hawk and Dove, Rob Liefeld, Time Masters, Salvador Larocca, and a whole mess more! Plus, in the first hour, we cover Antler Boy by Jake Parker, Haunted Horror #2 from Craig Yoe and IDW (Will Eisner and Jerry Iger, Ken Rice, George Tuska, Lou Cameron, Manny Stallman, Lou Fine, and more), New England Comics, The Question, Chris Bachalo, Paul Pope's One Trick Rip-Off and Deep Cuts hardcover from Image, Hickman and Steve Epting's New Avengers, Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless' The Answer from Dark Horse, and a whole mess more!

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