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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 148

The tag-team takedowns continue as Chris and I join forces on Dave Gibbons and John Higgins' Thunderbolt Jaxon from Wildstorm while King DAP and Jason share thoughts on Who is Jake Ellis? #1 out of Image! Plus, we have more than enough digital rope to hang ourselves on Bunn and Kindt's The Tooth, John Byrne's new policy on interviews and Next Men #2, Fraction and Larocca's Invincible Iron Man 500.1 and Aaron and Rivera's Wolverine 5.1 from Marvel, the Invincible Iron Man (not an) omnibus, Borders' bankruptcy, Curse of the Spawn and Clayton Crain, Luke McDonnell, Bill Reinhold and Magnus, Alien Legion from the late, lamented Epic imprint (part one), Mike Norton's Battlepug, Seamonster, Legion of Super-Heroes, and a whole lot more!

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