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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 129

NYCC looms large as David poses the question, "What moment in comics took you totally by surprise?" (incorporating Walking Dead, The Death of Jean DeWolff, Identity Crisis, the Teen Titans wedding, Susie's miscarriage, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amazing Spider-Man, Hellboy, Starlin's Death of Captain Marvel and Dreadstar, Black Adam, Deathstroke and Terra, Kitty Pryde and the "N Word", Milligan and Allred's X-Force, the rape of Astoria in Cerebus, Preacher, Planetary, Squadron Supreme, I Kill Giants, and more). Plus, we find time to talk about the American Alan Moore, Skull Kickers #1, Boundless' Lady Death freebie, The Left Bank Gang from Jason and Fantagraphics, AX: Alternative Manga from Top Shelf, Darwyn Cooke's The Outfit, NYCC, Mort Drucker, the Street Angel short, Buscema's Conan, The Crusades from Image, Kelley Jones' Batman, Top Cow's Artifacts #2, Power Man #2, The Harvey Comics Treasury volume one from Dark Horse, Fred Van Lente, Shadowland, Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom volume one, and a whole mess more!

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