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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 93

Hoo, boy... The 11 O'Clock Comic train started off down the right track -- we chugged through topics like Top Shelf, the Apple iPad and our hopes and fears for the device and its impact on the comic book industry, more on Jon O's Mera and the emotional quotient to mark making, Fantastic Four #575, Remender's Punisher, The Chill and Area 10 from Vertigo Crime, Phil Hester's The Darkness from Top Cow, more Fables and Jack of Fables, Captain America, Fall of the Hulks (Alpha, Gamma, Incredible, Hulk, and Red, with a little Hulk: Winter Guard and What If? World War Hulk thrown in for good measure) -- but it all quickly runs off the rails as we begin our goodbyes when someone mentions the Deadpool variant for Siege #3, resulting in an additional twenty-some minutes of flat-out drunken CHAOS!

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