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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 374

It's our Heroes Con 2015 wrap episode featuring Skottie Young, Gregory Benton, Chris Pitzer and AdHouse Books, Brian Stringer, Daniel Govar, Jason Latour, Jason Aaron, Ryan Browne, J. Gonzo, Matthew Allison, Marcus Williams, Michel Fiffe, Mike Norton, Tom Scioli, Christopher Mitten, Steven Green, Jay Sternitsky, Tom King, Mike Zeck, the Inkwell Awards, Mark Brooks, Lee Weeks, Art Adams, J. Michael Linsner, Steve Mannion, Monsta, Ryan Stegman, Kagan McLeod, Benjamin Marra, LEGO minifigs, Matt Kindt, Brian Hurtt, Ed Piskor, Karl Story, Eric Canete, Marvelous Mario, Matt Feazell, Andrew Robinson, Kelly Williams, Nathan Fox, Jim Rugg, Terry Moore, Dave Wachter, Ryan Bodenheim, Comix Book #1, and a whole mess more!

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