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11 O'Clock Comics Episode 329

Jim Rugg joins us to expound on Street Angel from AdHouse Books, Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree, Rob Liefeld, Brian Maruca, Gary Groth, Comics Comics (Frank Santoro, Dan Nadel, Tim Hodler, and more), PictureBox, Chris Pitzer, Supermag, Boulet, Mike Mignola and the Hellboy Goes to Hell Artist's Edition from IDW, Afrodisiac, Usamu Tezuka's Book of Human Insects from Vertical, Cable: Blood and Metal, Brian Lee O'Malley's Seconds, Jane, the Fox, and Me by Fanny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault from Groundwood Books, Josh Bayer, Jason Karns and FUKITOR, Organ fanzine, SDCC, Tom Scioli, Fort Thunder, Copacetic Comics, Paul Pope, Pittsburgh Comic Con, Robin Williams, Wally Wood, social media, artistic influences, CAB, Howtoons [Re]ignition by Fred Van Lente, Tom Fowler, and Jordie Bellaire from Image, Magnus: Robot Fighter from Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith from Dynamite!, the Annihilation Omnibus and Guardians of the Galaxy, Farel Dalrymple's The Wrenchies from :01 First Second, and a whole mess more!

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